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About LaDonna......

I AM an experienced certified Usui and Karuna Reiki Master with over twelve years experience and a second degree Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) practioner with over ten years experience.   

Under the direction and tutledge of my mentor and teacher Dr. Reginald Johnson founder of the Mystery School Order of Melchizidek, I AM proficient and teach the principles of Yoga, Shamanism, Meditation, Tarot Card Readings, Oil Making Classes, Quantum Healing, Seven Rays of Healing, Chakra Tuning Fork and Scrying.  Dr. Reginald Johnson has also instructed m extensively on the practices and principles of Masters St. Germain, Dwaj Khul, Kuthumi, Afra, Sanada, Lord Metatron, Sandalphon, and El Moyra just to name of few.  All of these principles allows me, with the powerful assistance of the Universe, to remove energy blockages that suppresses your spiritual growth which can block your love life, spiritual growth, and monetary flow.

Magnified and highly attuned training in May 2013 with renowned teacher and healer, William Lee Rand,  founder of  The International Center of Reiki Training Center in Glastonbory, England  proved beneficial in cosmic evolution, dimensional enlightenment and celestial growth.  

The Serendipitious Reiki /Quantum Healing and Wellness Center (SRQHWC) staff are here to assist with your healing in every aspect of your life.  SRQHWC will merge with GlobalTransformation to offer you more services GLOBALLY.  

If you are interested in becoming a Master Reiki teacher, taking Reiki, Quantum or Touch Healing sessions, Distance Healing, Tarot Card Readings, Marriage Ceremonies, House Clearings, Rituals, Ionized Foot Bath, to remove all blockages of stress, anxiety, impatience, suppression of  your ability to find love and  to enhance your financial situation, please contact LaDonna via telephone at 216-551-7805 or [email protected].

Namaste beloveds and know:   My staff and I are here for YOU,  We can help YOU!  With Source working through me, with me and as me, YOU ARE Healed!


My memberships are with the International Association of Reiki Professionals, the Reiki Membership Association, and the International Center of Reiki Training.  

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